Zara Agha

Zara Agha
York University


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York graduation postponed until Spring 2022

The uni hopes to deliver a ‘virtual graduation celebration’ for 2021 graduates

A love letter to the Charles XII, the most underrated pub ever

I love you more than life itself xxx

University of York’s English Department send public apology after lecturer repeatedly uses racial slur

The slur was used in a second year lecture this week

University of York raise over £20,000 by creating and taking part in a charity walk for mental health

The Great York Walk was launched in 2019 by the university to promote better understanding of mental health all round

Agha-ny Aunt Answers: What you really aren’t told as a Fresher at UoY

What the hell is a Platinum Card???

All the struggles of having super strict parents when at uni

You quickly begin to loathe Find My iPhone

University of York appoint first ever Sexual Violence Liaison Officer

The officer will provide holistic support and guidance to anybody affected by sexual violence

The truths about A Level Results Day York students want you to know

‘The best lesson I learned is that it’s not rejection, it’s redirection’

Every type of relationship you will encounter at uni

If I hear that you are ‘casual and exclusive’ ONE MORE TIME

Every type of uni relationship you will encounter at the University of York

If I hear that you are ‘casual and exclusive’ ONE MORE TIME

University of York launches Great York Walk to improve resources for mental health

The event aims to promote good mental health for staff, students, the local community and beyond

Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC 2019: Heat Four!

who knew saving some seats at a library could make you uni famous?

Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC: Heat Three!

these guys prove that York is the uni that breeds liabilities

Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC 2019: Heat Two!

of course all the famous lads at uni are called Tom

Vote for UoY’S biggest BNOC 2019: Heat One

More famous than I’ll ever be

York’s Biggest BNOC 2019 nominations are officially open!

Your time to shine at LAST

15 of the best places on campus for your dissertation picture

Locations to fit every Instagram, no matter what your aesthetic is

Robert Baratheon from Game of Thrones will be at Roses

This is not a drill

Meet The Tab York’s new Agha-ny Aunt, Zara Agha, here to sort your life out

Friends with benefits? Awkward flatcest? Fancying your seminar tutor? We’ve all been there x

What moving to university feels like after the loss of a family member

Being a fresher and coping with grief during your first year at university

Hundreds of York students march against sexual violence as part of student-led ‘Shine a Light’ campaign

We have a voice and we won’t let our universities silence us

We asked the boys of York what they thought of ‘lad culture’ and toxic masculinity

Because lads have real emotions and its about time they let them out