A Danny DeVito society has been set up at York

DeVitonians can finally watch his films and play with eggs

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Something in York has been missing for a long time.

No, not air conditioning in Salvos – it's even better.

A certain "iconic legend" has come to the university in the form of the Danny DeVito Society.

When asked why they had decided to start a Danny DeVito society, the President of the society told The York Tab: "It just seemed so obvious. Danny DeVito is such an iconic legend, we are surprised no-one else had risen to the task before us. If there is anyone that deserves to be cherished by the people of York, they should look no further than this man."

As far as we know, York is home to Danny DeVito’s first university society and will spend socials hosting screenings of his masterpieces, playing with eggs (because, obviously, "eggs have always been an integral motif in his work") and keeping it classy, to fit in with the man himself.

Apart from sheer love for the Taxi, Matilda, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, members help the fanbase to grow by paying a “troll toll” which like Danny, is only small.

This annual £2.50 membership allows members to have free reign of what they want to do, as long as they promote the Danny appreciation.

Like many things, this won’t be exclusive to York for much longer. The main aim of the society is to reach nationwide appreciation of DeVito’s work, by uniting students across all universities and "create an alliance of Danny DeVitonians across the country."