Guide: Where to live in second year

What is a Tang Hall?

The autumn term is coming to a close, and it may seem like you have ages to think about where you’re going to live next year, but it comes around quick. There’s no need to stress just yet because York, although only small, has plenty of great housing to offer.


Hull Road

The pinnacle of student housing. Close to town with all the takeaways you could imagine, Hull Road is the student haven of York, unless you live on the Black Bull end of Hull Road. Being 2.5 miles long, you can easily end up living half way to Hull.


Lawrence Street

Basically the good end of Hull Road. Think even closer to town with even more takeaways.


Tang Hall

Just offset from Hull Road so the location isn’t too bad. However, all the scariest horror stories are set in Tang Hall. Youths, burglaries, police sirens, Tang Hall is the supposedly rougher area of York.



If you like your pubs empty and your walks to uni long, Osbaldwick is the place for you. At least you’ll get some peace and quiet and some pretty views.



You can easily save money on your rent by living in Fulford, a pretty village much like Heslington. It may be a half hour walk to uni but with Aldi so close at least you’ll have a fully stocked fridge to boast. And if you miss your pets there’s an adorable cat to stroke at The Plough Inn.



Situated as close to Hes West as it is possible to be, Heslington is perfect if you want a constant reminder of how little work you’ve been doing. It is probably the prettiest part of York with cute lawns, flower beds and quaint houses. Also The Charles XII pub and Brown’s sandwich shop is an added bonus.



If you have friends from St John’s, enjoy a Kuda Monday, wish you went to St John’s or anything else St John’s related, Gillygate is great. Gillygate is in the heart of town and sounds like a party but it’s a party with St John’s students.


The Boulevard

Most of us would rather spend our money on food and booze, but if you care more about swanky kitchens and snazzy buildings the Boulevard is for you.


Badger Hill

If you hate the trek to the Hes East wasteland why not save yourself the effort and live there.