Clubbers of the week

Going out with a bang

Oh what happy people you are, and didn’t you show it as the term came to a close. Here are York’s clubbers of the week.

Hotties of the week

Where else but Revs?

Runners up

Fella can’t quite believe it

VK salesmen of the week

It makes you last longer, I’ve been told

Best disregard for club photo norms

That’s not how you do it, and she couldn’t care less

Most disproportionately large arm

No judgments, we all get lonely sometimes…

Couple of the week

…but not for long, it seems

Clubber whose enjoyment of his night is most distracted by the realisation of the futility of our existence…

‘This is who I am…’

…who is also from the home counties

Happiest to be turned into a vampire

Just really really thrilled tbh

Beard of the week

Let’s face it. his guy’s not getting beat anytime soon

Most ethereal clubber

Hollister and Red Stripe, that typical combo

‘How on earth has he got past the bouncers?’ of the week

Sack them

Only clubber with his hand superglued to the back of someone’s head

YSJ is all that needs to be said

Most tired cultural symbol of the week

It’s time to take dabbing behind the barn

Roadmen of the week

Wow how road are you guys

YorkParties photos by Kluens

C9 events and Phats photos by Hodge