York is the 3rd most polite and 4th happiest place in the UK

There’s no place you’d rather be

Everyone knows people are friendlier up north, but a recent survey has substantiated these claims.

British towns and cities were scored on criteria such as happiness and politeness, with York ranking inside the top six in all categories.

The full results were:

  • 3rd for politeness
  • 4th for being welcoming
  • 4th for trust
  • 4th for happiness
  • 5th for friendliness
  • 5th for area up keep
  • 6th for being safe

The only places that beat York are towns much smaller than us such as Aberystwyth, Wrexham and Worcester.

Nearby Leeds scored poorly, ranking second bottom in trust and politeness, and coming last in safety and area up keep.

Second year Chemistry student Zachary Henderson said: “I still haven’t come to terms with how nice the Minster is. I’m kind of gutted about going back to my tiny village for the Easter break.”

See the full rankings for yourself here.