Jasper Hart

Jasper Hart
York University


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Nobody panic, but guide dogs will be coming into the library next week

And all library fines paid on the day will be donated to a guide dog charity

The Deramore Arms has re-opened

Time for a Timothy Taylor’s

Hull Road is the best student area in York

‘It’s so long that before it ends it gets bored and starts calling itself Lawrence Street for no discernible reason’

York’s nightlife according to online reviews

There is no pleasing some people

Tommy Robinson blames university and snowflakes for ‘cancelling’ his talk

The former EDL leader hits out at York on twitter

York’s most eligible bachelor: Heat Four

Look into the eyes of these four and tell me your heart doesn’t do little flips

York is the city with the most community spirit in the country

It helps to have a nice big wall around you

Revealed: 19,000 cases of animal testing at York in the past three years

The University won’t tell us how many died

A new Domino’s store is opening on Hull Road

Did someone say 50 per cent discount?

If you wait till the end of an essay to do your referencing, you’re an idiot

If anything, it’s just really inefficient

Kurupt FM are coming to York, and they’re bringing Mike Skinner with them

‘UK Garage IS today’s music scene’

The University of York according to Facebook and Google Reviews

Complete University Guide? Nah you’re alright

The University of York is the safest university in the country

Safe mate

Ex-YUSU Prez Leatham reaches York Person of the Year finals

Isn’t he just the best guy ever?

Reading books means you’ll live longer, according to scientists

‘So many books, so little time’ – Frank Zappa

I got married and graduated all on the same day

Half of Anu’s wedding party followed her from one ceremony to the other

Vote Leave campaign gave a student £625,000 to help reach young voters

The donation made him one of the best-funded unofficial campaigners of the whole referendum

Who is Jihadi Jack, the young boy from Oxford who ran away to Syria?

He hates his parents, hasn’t joined ISIS and misses doughnuts

The 10 highest paid graduate jobs in the UK

Surprise surprise, humanities don’t get much of a look in

Applying for top jobs just became a whole lot easier

Assessments and interviews will take one day instead of several weeks

As of today, poorer students will no longer receive maintenance grants

The NUS have called the move to loans ‘disgraceful’

YUSU Pres, Ben Leatham has been nominated for York Person of the Year award

Ending the year on a high

York students have voted to remain in the NUS

Voter turnout was over twice as much as the last vote

£6 million scheme brings new accommodation to York

It will redevelop a former pub and working men’s club

Question Time is coming to the University of York next week

More like David Dimblebae

Rape near University of York ‘did not happen’

Police have thanked public and students for coming forward to help

There will be a referendum on York’s affiliation with the NUS

We’re the latest to join a growing group

Boris Johnson will be in York next week

He will be campaigning to leave the EU

Tickets are now on sale for huge York slip and slide

And you can get a discount courtesy of the Tab

Sixth formers, don’t go to Lancaster if you can help it

Larger, more impersonal, and more desolate than York

These heroes had enough of uni so went to Lanzarote instead

Be more like these people

York student wins Male Undergraduate of the Year award

He beat finalists from Edinburgh, Durham and UCL

The lessons you learn when your partner has depression

Nothing helps more than letting them know they mean something

Post-lash is the best part of a night out

Stay awake, keep drinking and fend off the darkness of your existence

What do other universities think of York?

Nobody actually cares about us

Clubbers of the week

Going out with a bang

York’s nightlife is average and that’s what makes it great

Thank Christ I know where everyone is

Camberwell: The heart and soul of South London

SE5 all the way

A second year keeps losing his money in the same vending machine

It’s happened seven times

Dungeons and Dragons is how to fill your Saturday night uni void

It’s Skyrim in a living room

King’s Manor seminars aren’t high enough on the collective agenda

They’re so far away

Browns is the sandwich shop we don’t deserve

The lamb and mint one probably cures cancer

York Tories controversial ‘badger culling’ social wasn’t actually very controversial

Some people on the internet were really unhappy about it

Opaque automatic doors have ruined everything

I’m sorry but this is a very important issue

Do you actually care about your college?

No one from Constantine could be reached for comment, because WHERE ON EARTH IS CONSTANTINE?