Tiki Bar in Kuda is the best night out in York

It’s all about the bus, let’s be honest

It’s the place we all know and love. It’s the place we’ve all made countless memories. Most importantly, it’s the only downstairs floor of a club to combine bamboo columns with an actual bus.

Yes, of course it’s Tiki Bar in Kuda.

When I say “made countless memories” this obviously means we’ve made the memories but then immediately forgotten all of them by the next sip of our VK. We dream of being transported to the seemingly far away Tiki Bar while sat in 9am lectures on a Tuesday, just waiting for the time to come when we can get back to what we love doing most: taking bus selfies.

Not many clubs can boast a form of public transport on their lower floor, but good old Kuda ticks that off straight away. No one quite knows the reason behind it, but no one dares questions it. Just as long as everyone remembers the ever sacred rule: what happens in the bus, stays in the bus.

Most other clubs opt for corner booths for those all-important drunken conversations where you only make out a maximum of three words, but you just pretend you know exactly what’s going on. The same doesn’t apply for Tiki Bar, however. Instead they go for an inactive form of public transport – because that’s the immediate back up response obviously. Whether it’s to create a better ambience, or just to give a practice run for the tête-à-tête on the Clubber’s Bus home at the end of the night, we’ll never know.

But what exactly is it that we love so much about Tiki Bar? Is it the fact that we can dance wildly to our heart’s content, while watching our usually testosterone-fuelled male friends suddenly begin to dance seductively enough to give Dirty Dancing a run for its money? Or is it that we love watching people contort their bodies to the fullest extent whilst climbing around the bus, often confusing a window for a doorway?

Maybe it’s the purgatory between Tiki bar and the stairway where you always see someone you vaguely know, and then feel the need to talk to them since you sat next to them in one lecture in first term, and you end up sharing most of your life stories with them…big shout out to Smirnoff for that one.

There is truly something special about the lower floor of Kuda and the way most of UoY seem to come together in a much-too-close proximity on it. Although there are many Tiki lovers, there are also many haters, but in no way does that take away from the Tiki magic.

Term two is for the Tiki…