Clubbers of the week

It’s been a bit of a mad one

clubbers clubbers of the week cotw nightlife york

Hotties of the week


Squad of the week

Creeps of the week

Always hungry

 Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

Let me just clean that for you

Gangsters of the week 

My feelings exactly

Most energetic clubber of the week

Throwing some mad quadrilaterals

Facial expression of the week

I’ve spent how much?

Runner up

I hope they can’t smell that

Most likely to be single

Runners up

Trainee DJ of the week

One day you’ll be as cool as me son

Vaper of the week

We get it, you vape

Most likely to be mid-sneeze

I’ll get you a tissue

Mystery photographer of the week

Who took this?

Most tragic couple of the week

We’ll stay away from Plato’s cave, thanks

Loneliest clubber of the week

I remember my first visit to Salvos