York universities to fight extremism on campus

New policies will aim to detect and respond to signs of student radicalisation

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UoY and YSJ are launching a new campaign to tackle extremism on their campuses.

The 2015 Counter-Terrorism and Security Act aims to prevent radicalisation on UK campuses by protecting and preventing students who are at risk from being radicalised.

The plan involves extra staff training, new IT policies and the introduction of student welfare programmes which will detect and respond to early warning signs of student radicalisation.

Although it may seem restrictive, students are being reassured their freedom will not be compromised.

One spokesperson from the University of York said: “Our colleges provide small, interdisciplinary communities that support and enrich the University experience for students and staff.

“They not only protect academic freedom, but also have a duty of care to their students. Our colleges together with student societies and groups have a role to play in helping to safeguard potentially vulnerable young people from radicalisation and recruitment by terrorist organisations.”

The Government has said it has no wish to limit or interfere with this free flow of ideas, and it will balance the need to preserve national security with protecting civil liberties.

Equally, a spokeperson for York St John University ensured the university was “committed to its responsibilities related to the safeguarding of all its communities.”.

They are also working closely with the North Yorkshire Police with regards to the government’s anti-radicalisation policies.