We asked you what underwear looks best on girls

Some of you were weirdly specific

We trawled both Hes East and Hes West campuses to find out what you boys and girls think the sexiest type of underwear is – just in time for the 14th.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought you’d all be well up for answering invasive questions, but alas, we were wrong. After a rethink, my fabulous assistant and I decided Maoam was the best way to go, and bribed you with sweets. It worked.

First year, Economics

Third year, Management 

Second year, Management

Third year, Writing, Directing & Performance 

Third year, Accounting, Business Finance & Management 

Third year, Biology

Second year, Psychology

Third year, Psychology

All-encompassing. Doesn’t even care. Girls look good in everything.