Warwick to maintain blended learning in new academic year

Online learning will be integrated with face-to-face teaching

Warwick University has announced they will continue the approach of blended learning in the academic year of 2021/22. This will involve providing both online learning and face-to-face teaching.

In a statement released online, the uni said it will “continue to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.” This means ensuring that their approach is flexible in order to adapt to Government guidance regarding teaching.

The uni has promised to maximise face-to-face teaching, meaning most small group teaching will be in person and most large group teaching of 50+ people (such as lectures) will be online. It is hoped this approach will enable students to “develop a flexible skillset and mind-set, to both engage in study and succeed in the agile and increasingly digital-first environment they’ll encounter after graduation.”

Warwick has promised to continue providing support to students who encountered issues such as health concerns and self-isolation as a result of the pandemic. Lateral flow testing at the on-campus test site will also carry on throughout Autumn.

Speaking about the announcement, one second year student said: “I’ve grown used to my lectures being online, as being able to adjust their playback speed, skip and rewind has meant I’m making better notes and understanding the content better.

“I’m excited for seminars returning in person though, as I miss socialisation and seeing people on my course. Discussion is a lot easier in person, and I’m more likely to contribute as I can’t hide behind my camera silently. It also forces me to get dressed out of pyjamas and leave the house!

“I hope exams stay online though, because my first and second year exams have been online, and the idea of attempting in-person exams in final year is terrifying!”

A first year student also commented: “Personally I agree with the announcement, although I do wish more stuff could be in person as we haven’t been able to have any in person seminars yet. It probably makes sense as we won’t know what the state of the pandemic will be like at that point.

“Hopefully soon we can have everything in person.”

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