Warwick students abroad urged to stay UK, according to leaved email

‘Stay at home and read lots of Spanish novels’

Warwick students are being urged to stay in the UK rather than remain abroad, according to a leaked email.

A screenshot seen by The Warwick Tab shows a staff member from the school of Modern Languages appearing to warn a student of an impending announcement.

“An email is about to be circulated to all YA students,” it reads. “Stay at home in the UK and don’t worry because your progression will not be affected. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. UK will be affected too. So stay at home and read lots of Spanish novels.”

The email comes as many universities pull students out of years abroad, cancel conventional exams, and move all teaching online.

Official Warwick guidelines were published yesterday, and a separate email was sent out to students.

The University says whether students return to the UK or not is their “personal decision,” adding: ”

We will of course continue to offer pastoral and academic support to you, whether you decide to return or to remain abroad.”

Should the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s advice change to “non-but essential travel,” however, students will be expected to return unless they can justify remaining to the Business Travel Insurance manager.

The University is “seeking clarifications” for students who cannot go home because they have no where to self-isolate, or who live with people “deemed at risk” should they catch coronavirus.

Molility students impacted in one country will not be allowed to move to another, as the University says it is “infeasible.”

The website reads: “University advice is to remain in situ unless or until FCO advice changes for the country where you are located, and then to return to your usual place of domicile if/when this should occur under the terms of University insurance cover.”

For those wishing to return home, the University has said the Business Travel Insurance “should cover” costs of up to £75.

For those on a “worldwide” placement, students will be supported through individual expense claims.

The University says assesment of the year abroad is being reorganised to reflect the situation and in a way that “means they suffer no determinant from these highly unusual circumstances and are able to complete their experience successfully.”

You can read the full guidelines here.

The University has been contacted for further comment.

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