100 Warwick Business students set to boycott exam tomorrow because of coronavirus

‘We are trying to talk sense into the university that is all’

A large group of Warwick students are set to boycott several business exams in the coming days, including one scheduled for tomorrow.

The group created an event today to urge the University to reschedule the exams, and according to one of the members over 200 people responded to the event within an hour of its creation.

“It’s choosing between 20 per cent of our grade or a four per cent mortality rate, and the consequences of spreading it to our loved ones,” one of the creators of the event told The Warwick Tab

The event description

The students behind the event say they would be happy to sit exams online, as has been the case at King’s College London.

“I would rather do it and in normal times I would gladly sit the exam, but these aren’t normal times,” one of the students behind the event told The Warwick Tab.

There are three exams scheduled in the coming days, the group says. These are: Management Organisation Strategy, Fundamentals of Financial Management and Corporate Finance, “across all year groups of the Warwick Business School”.

“It is ridiculous that at this stage, we have to attend classes and gatherings, putting at risk multiple lives, making university student choose between their health and safety or their academic success.”

Another student who asked not to be named told The Warwick Tab: the decision to go ahead with exams “just doesn’t make sense.”

“The risk is not only ours, we are all leaving tomorrow to go back to our loved ones. Some of them elderly and vulnerable,” said another.

“These aren’t normal times and I find it alarming that the University, as well as the Warwick Business School, is taking so little preventative action of its own initiative,” they added.

The event description reads: “This is something that goes beyond our academic/professional life, and should be treated as a matter of global safety.

“We as students have not only the power, but the obligation not to sit our examinations and give this virus yet another chance of spreading.”

The University has been approached for comment.