All classes cancelled and Durham students advised to leave campus

The library will still remain open

Amid the rising fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic Durham University has cancelled all classes until the end of term and advised students to leave campus.

In an email sent to students shortly before 1pm, the University said from Monday 16th of March until the last day of term on the 20th March “classroom teaching of all forms” will cease.

It is also said that students may leave Durham if they wish but that “college accommodation will operate as usual next week.”

Despite some speculation on the operation of the university next term nothing has yet been confirmed.

The University stated: “The University will remain open, but we are asking our academic staff to change the format and delivery of their teaching from Monday 16 March.

“From Monday 16 March until the end of Term (Friday 20 March), classroom teaching of all forms will cease and alternative modes of teaching should be used by all instructors.

“We are advising students that if they wish to leave Durham following their last class on Friday 13 March, they can do so, and participate in classes remotely for the final week of Term. The Library will remain open.”