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Warwick and Leamington MP signs petition to ban the group chat boys returning to uni

Matt Western wrote an open letter to the Vice Chancellor

The MP for Warwick and Leamington has revealed that he has signed the petition calling to reverse Warwick university's decision of allowing the group chat boys to come back to uni.

The letter, which Matt Western addressed to Stuart Croft stated that "the disciplinary process has failed all the students and, by extension, the university."

Western then went on to address the threats made by the boys saying "it is vital that all students and staff can work in a safe academic environment and they depend on the management to ensure this is maintained."

"Such a risk, as presented by the male students implicated in this issue, would pose a fundamental challenge to the safeguarding responsibility that sits with the University."

Furthermore, Western acknowledged that while the university does not sit in his constituency, he writes "as a representative of a large number of students and academic staff in the constituency of Warwick and Leamington" and that "their concerns are mine."

Western wrote in a separate letter addressed to SU president, Liam Jackson, and SU Education Officer, Larissa Kennedy, offering his support "in the campaign against the re-instatement of the 'Group Chat' students…"

He also offered to "help facilitate some resolution to this situation…"

The SU came out against the university's decision on Friday last week, in a video condemning the university's actions.