Going to POP! sober? Completed it mate

A harrowing tale of a naïve freshers’ first night at POP! completely sober

POP! The event where Warwick students come together to get absolutely bloody trollied and forget about their dignity and self-respect for one evening, all whilst boogying away to Disco Dave's delicious tunes.

I will admit, I'm not a sesh gremlin. I have never professed to be a master of the sesh and I do not regularly adhere to the common maxim "never stop the sesh." But I do enjoy a bit of a golden oldie. Thus, I thought I could enjoy Disco Dave's tunes independently of alcoholic inebriation. Man was wrong.

The night began with a few pre drinks, for me a sweet glass of Tropicana orange juice- nothing too special. A game of Piccolo followed, and all were prepared for what was supposed to be a delightful night out.

Unfortunately not all of my squad of seshers made it to the front door, and we lost 3 on our journey to the Copper Rooms from Jack Martin. It was a long and perilous journey but the survivors were prepared for a wonderful night out.

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This man has prepared himself for a delightful little sesh

Unfortunately, none of us were prepared for the chaos that followed. Why were people dressed up in bizarre costumes? Why was everyone unironically belting out ABBA's Dancing Queen? Why was there vomit everywhere and, most importantly, why the fuck did I decide to go sober?

Well, to be honest, being sober does have it advantages. For example, it allows you to notice what you otherwise would not.

Why have the Incredibles decided to go clubbing? Why is there an astronaut getting with a Roman? Why has that man got a colander on his head? These are questions you only begin to ask yourself when going to POP! sober.

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I honestly don't know what is happening here. If someone could explain, I would appreciate it.

Being sober also makes you realise that POP! pulls are incredibly vile. There is nothing worse than seeing two ridiculously dressed sweaty youngsters sucking at each others faces to the sound of the Backstreet Boys. The experience will more than likely put you off pulling in clubs for good.

An advantage of doing POP! sober is that you are at least able to budget yourself throughout the evening, rather than drunkenly offering to buy everyone shots, costing you an arm, a leg and a good portion of your overdraft.

Just being at POP! is a great way to make temporary acquaintances. Many people, after witnessing my dancing, professed they loved me and that I was a "fucking legend." And whilst I could not disagree with their compliments, I will certainly never remember who these people were and they will likely forget me almost instantaneously.

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Just an astronaut checking his phone. To be honest POP is like another planet.

We all know that the smoking area is where the heart of any good night out really lies, and this was certainly the case on my trip to POP! Why were a group of students belting out Africa by Toto, a capella, without anyone asking them to? Let's just say they won't be getting to judge's houses anytime soon.

But the question is- would I have had more fun going to POP drunk? Yes- I imagine the answer would 100 percent be yes. However, I did still enjoy myself.

When Sweet Caroline and Boogie Wonderland came on, I was jiving away on the dance floor like Anton du Beke, and sometimes watching people make a fool of themselves is far more entertaining than making a fool out of yourself and finding out the next day.

POP! is an event meant to be experienced pissed, but I would recommend trying it at least once sober- it could be more fun than you think.

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