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Let’s be real, Juicy at T Bar is utter shit

I just want my Friday nights back please

For those of you who are lucky enough to not know what it is, Juicy is the new Friday night Terrace Bar event. And anyone that has been to it will realise that it is absolute shit.

Every Friday night, the T Bar turns down the lights and turns up the music. A bit like a club, I guess. Except if I wanted to go to a club, I would go to – wait for it – a club. I could go to Neon. Or Kasbah. Or Smack. Copper Rooms, Pryzm, Altoria, Assembly- if I wanted a club. But instead, the bar decides to become a club. Well this just sounds like a great idea, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Terrace Bar, along with everyone else at Warwick. The drinks are fairly cheap, it’s convenient, there’s lots of seats, and it can be really nice to sit on the terrace and judge people walking on the Piazza for hours on end. But Juicy just doesn’t work. At all. Here’s why.

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There is no space

The Terrace Bar isn’t huge. The space in front of the bar is quite small, and easily fills up on a regular night with people just queuing for drinks. So when they turn that small space into a dance floor, and have triple the number of people waiting for drinks, it’s just a disaster. There literally is no room. None. No room to drink, no room to queue and no room to dance. Who thought that would be a good idea?

The bar is too small

That leads to the second point. The actual bar, behind the bar, where the staff work, is too small. Again, on an ordinary day, it can be slow to get a drink because there are so many bar staff working in such a tight space, all crossing over one another. (Huge shoutout to the Terrace Bar bar staff, you're the unsung heroes of Warwick). But this means the queues are long. So when more and more people go to T Bar for Juicy, then guess what? You guessed it – the queues are unbearable.

How is anyone going to be able to dance to all this "Juicy" music, when the dance floor is covered in angry freshers waiting 40 minutes for their pint of purple? There's just no space to move and you'll end up sitting outside by the pool tables, pissed off because you can't enjoy T Bar for what is really is.

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The music

And that leads to the next issue – the music. The leaflet says that Juicy is "everything from R&B, Hip-Hop, UK Garage and Dancehall" (whatever that is) and to be honest, the music isn’t that bad.

But it’s too loud. If you want to dance to loud music, go to a club. Not a bar. Bars are different to clubs. I go to Terrace Bar to chat with my mates and have a laugh, and it's impossible to do that when the DJ's Spotify playlist is thundering throughout the entire SU.

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If the SU really really want another club night, or even just a night with music people can dance to, then why not open upstairs Copper Rooms on a Friday and people can go between there and T Bar? Or why not make a new club night in the SU, like POP! and Skool Dayz which caters for more "Juicy" music?

Juicy takes away the bar side of Terrace Bar. A bar I spend quite a lot of time and money in. I want to get my drink and drink it and talk to people.

And that is why I don’t like Juicy.

All photos are credited to Ciara Shrager.