Zak Wagman

Science students to finally get a Reading Week

From Term 1 2019, all BSc and BEng students will get Week 6 lecture-free for a personal ‘Research Week’

Let’s be real, the Learning Grid is utter shite

But don’t worry, I’m still gonna spend all my time there

Europe’s biggest student-run beer festival is back in Warwick!

It’s celebrating 40 years

Here’s your yearly PSA: Not all students celebrate Christmas

But you don’t need to feel sorry for us

Let’s be real, the Kasbah refurb is utter shit

What has actually changed?

We asked Warwick students what they thought of the Brexit deal, and they’re not happy

Can we just stop talking about Brexit please?

Let’s be real, the Piazza is utter shite

Trust me on this one

Let’s be real, Rootes Grocery Store is utter shit

Please can we just get a normal supermarket?

Which football team is your Warwick halls?

It’s the question on all of our minds

Owen Jones is coming to Warwick!

He wants to inspire us ‘to build a new world’

Let’s be real, Juicy at T Bar is utter shit

I just want my Friday nights back please