Everything you’ll know if you’ve ever had to stay on campus for the whole of Easter

Just keep telling yourself that you’ll revise

Staying on campus over the Easter holidays can only be described as a real test of character. Even attempting to fill up your time only reminds you that you will definitely run out of things to do in the 5 lonely weeks on campus. So here's everything you'll experience before someone asks 'How was your holiday?' to your sullen face at the beginning of third term.

People feel sorry for you when you tell them you're staying

Pity offers begin to roll in from your friends upon the revelation that you'll be staying on campus. The question 'what are your plans for the holiday?' is met by an awkward silence. Even if you have made peace with the notion of remaining over the holidays, there are only so many pitiful looks you can take before you start to realise how tragic this decision is turning out to be.

Your flat is pretty much empty and it's a little creepy tbh

Once all your flatmates have said their goodbyes and you see all their 'headed home!' snaps, it's just you and a hauntingly quiet flat. Every horror movie you've ever watched comes to mind as you try to convince yourself that the kitchen door only slammed because of the wind. Either that or that one flatmate came back to steal your food from the fridge one last time before the holidays. You don't know which is worse.

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Going home is either too far or too expensive, but most likely both

For some, staying on campus for a month is cheaper than a flight back home. Hearing people complain about their 'painful' 2 and a half hour train journey back to Liverpool which is 'just so long' will literally make you feel sick. The next time we can go home is Summer, 3 months away, which isn't too long, right? WRONG.

You are already planning ways to make up for your miserable Easter holidays

Anticipating and eventually hearing about everyone else's Easter antics just makes you want to plan out the epic Summer that will make up for the concession that is remaining on campus. You keep telling yourself that it'll be so much more fulfilling to go home without exams looming ominously over your head, so you might as well stick it out for now.

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You are SO relieved to find other people staying on campus for the holidays

You smile a little too widely at the revelation that a friend or flatmate is staying over the holiday season too. You'll make as many plans as you can with the few people you can find, but you soon wonder if you'll only end up annoying each other by the time the 5 weeks are up.

It's the perfect opportunity to visit family and friends

You use your time wisely- visiting friends who live nearby, meeting up with a few family members or taking a tour of the country to see how your other friends live at their Universities. In order to avoid going stir-crazy, the occasional random trip to Leamington on a whim keeps your sanity intact. Anything is better than perpetually remaining on campus.

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You have WAY too much time on your hands

Starting to learn a new language, finally going to the gym and getting a job all cross your mind as ways to fill up some time over the holiday. You really hope that these aspirations won't end up with you waking up at 4pm to continue binge watching the same series you fell asleep watching last night. They most likely will…but it's always good to hope.

Revision, revision, and a little bit more revision

There's something unnerving about knowing that you have absolutely no excuse for not studying and therefore that you have to do well in your exams. It's a well-known student phenomena that the more time given to get work done, the more time you have to procrastinate. You keep telling yourself that you can't possibly study for the whole Easter break, but this only ends up being a slippery slope that ends in tears at the beginning of term 3 in mourning of all the time wasted. Better to get it started early, right?

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You wonder if you're the only one having the same thoughts

You would ask but there's really no one here.