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Warwick student stabbed in the face by girlfriend in halls after night out

She had taken Xanax and been drinking that night


A Warwick student was stabbed in the face by his former girlfriend in his halls kitchen after returning from a night out.

Stephanie Roberts, 20, had taken Xanax and been drinking with her then boyfriend Ravi Benitez, 19, and has now been handed a two-year suspended sentence.

Ravi Benitez suffered deep stab wounds to his cheek and index finger, as well as a cut to his nose in the incident which occurred last November in his Bluebell halls kitchen.

After returning to his halls of residence, Roberts picked up a kitchen knife and began to kick and stab at her boyfriend’s door.

She then pointed the knife at Mr Benitez before telling him: "I'd rather kill the person who's f****ed me up the most – you. I know perfectly well what I'm doing."

Roberts then attacked Ravi Benitez, with his former girlfriend telling him, “You liar, you liar. You lied to me, you liar.”

She then called her dad and asked him to remove her from the situation: "You need to get me before I kill him, you need to get me right now. Right now, or it’s the end.”

Security officers arrived and managed to successfully disarm her.

Stephanie Roberts was charged with a suspended two-year sentence after it was presented to the judge that she was a "charming and highly-intelligent" young woman trapped in a "mentally abusive relationship."

The trial at Warwick High Court heard that Roberts was in a “high emotional state” after returning from a night out with Mr Benitez.

Their relationship was described as "toxic" by the judge, and the court heard Stephanie Roberts had been "manipulated" by her boyfriend before the attack.

Roberts' defence lawyer, described the 20-year-old from South Kensington, as an “intelligent woman of integrity and charm” who was simply pushed too far.

Upon hearing this, Judge Sylvia de Bertodano noted that “it was a very, very dangerous way to behave.

Roberts pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grief and grievous bodily harm. She received a suspended two-year prison sentence, a rehabilitation activity and a restraining order preventing her from having any further contact with Benitez.