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A sing-along of Toto’s Africa is happening on the piazza next week

It’s the can’t-miss event of the month


On Thursday 23rd November, a sing-along to Africa by Toto is being hosted on the Piazza at 2pm.

Currently 50 people are either "going" or "interested" in attending the event.

Students at Newcastle recently hosted a similar sing-along three weeks ago, where Toto fans gathered in the city centre to belt out "Africa" despite the warning of police involvement.

Crowds singing Toto's Africa at Newcastle's Monument

Fact: If you start singing Toto's Africa, the people will come

Posted by The Tab Newcastle on Saturday, October 28, 2017

Two weeks ago Leeds uni hosted a Smash Mouth sing-along, with over 100 people turning up to sing All Star, the popular song from Shrek.

WATCH: Crowds gathered on the Parkinson Steps to sing All Star by Smash Mouth

Posted by The Tab Leeds on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final year English and French student Jade told The Tab that she will definitely be attending, adding that "this type of uplifting student spirit is needed at this time of the term".

Jade loved the song choice, calling it a "timeless classic".

For more information, see the event page.