Fire alarms in Humanities and Oculus buildings interrupt teaching time

Seminars and lectures were disturbed

Earlier this morning fire alarms were set off in the Humanities building and Oculus building.

The Tab contacted Warwick University Campus Security to find out why the alarms were triggered. They told us that they were due to "routine testing".

The Humanities building was the worst affected, with the building being evacuated for half an hour to the Sports Centre car park.

Crowds of students were left outside in the rain and cold, being told very little by those in charge.

Jade Windle, fourth year English and French student was caught up in the commotion. She told The Tab that "people were angry about missing seminar and lecture time, as this is what we pay our tuition fees for."

The fire alarm that went off in the Oculus building was less of an inconvenience, lasting just 10 minutes.