Stagecoach are increasing their bus fares

The Unirider won’t be affected until September

Stagecoach have announced that from April 2nd they will be increasing their bus fares.

The rise in cost will affect both single and return fares, with single fares increasing from between 10 to 40p, depending on what fare you buy. This means that a single ticket from Warwick University to Leamington Spa will now cost £2.90, instead of £2.75.

Stagecoach have not said how much return fares will increase by, stating that “some will reduce, some stay the same and others increase.”

A breakdown of the new fares affecting Leamington and Warwick are as follows:

Dayrider – £5.20
Group Dayrider – £10.40
7 day Megarider – £16.20
28 day Megarider – £62.00
13 week Megarider – Discontinued
Dayrider Plus – £8.50
Group Dayrider Plus – £16.50
7 day Megarider Plus – £21.80
28 day Megarider Plus – £83.50
13 week Megarider Plus – Discontinued

The Unirider will not be affected by this change just yet, with the term 3 pass continuing at the normal rate of £125. However, Stagecoach told The Tab that the price will be reviewed and will more than likely increase for the next academic year. They were unsure of how much the cost increase will be.

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