We asked bar staff how to get served quicker at your favourite Warwick clubs

Apparently being attractive helps


The ultimate night-out hack is how to get served your drinks first, and fast. We spoke to our most frequented drinking establishments at Warwick, to find out how to ensure that you’ll never be left waiting for your Eliminator, or Purple, ever again.


Listen to this advice for the two bars in the Copper Rooms, to make sure you’re spending less time waiting for your drinks, and more time screaming your heart out to S Club 7.

The main SU bar

Here, staff look out for people who have their money ready. But, don’t wave your money about too much or you risk receiving what one barman called The Naughty Step:

“Sometimes if someone’s being a wanker I decide they need a sit on the naughty step, you know, a couple of minutes of not being served while they think about what they’ve done.”

So don’t talk shit about the barman either, otherwise it’s the Naughty Step for you.

It helps if you know the bar staff, so if your friend knows someone, get them to order for everyone.

Rouge bar

Apparently, people flicking water at bar staff to get their attention is a common occurrence. Unsurprisingly, the bar staff aren’t fans of this. The best way to get noticed is to stand still and make eye contact. If they see you chatting to your friends or making conversation in the queue, you’ve got no chance.

“I mean I don’t really like serving anyone ever to be honest, so unless you look like you really want to be served, I’m not going to go out my way”.

The general gist for POP! in both the main bar and Rouge is just wait your turn quietly or “sit down and shut up.”

And the worst thing you can do is unanimous among all staff – clicking. “Absolutely no way. Don’t be a dick.”


Suheil, a third year at Warwick who works behind the bar at Smack, doesn’t deny he serves attractive girls first. So girls, get your game face on.

The most irritating thing on Smack Tuesdays is “when people don’t know the difference between a vodka red bull and a jagerbomb” with some complaining that they’re served the ‘wrong’ drink.

When asked what the worst thing someone can do to get served is, the answer was quite worrying:

“If you’ve got your arms over the bar that’s the last person I’m going to serve. And don’t grab my crotch, I’ve had a few locals try that or even try to rip open my shirt whilst pouring a drink, obviously that’s going to slow me down.”

Another barman Oli said: “The worst thing you can do is be constantly turning around to speak to your mates, if you look like you aren’t ready we probably won’t serve you until you look like you do”. Focus on the task at hand.

In order to get served though he suggesting trying to make eye contact with the bar staff. “Once you have made eye contact while they aren’t serving someone they will normally serve you next. But make sure not to do it too eagerly or while they are serving someone else as that will put you to the bottom of the list.” The art here is engaging in eye contact without looking like a creep. A hard task to master.


“NO CARD! WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALISE THIS?!” Take cash out before, guys.

In the upstairs bar in Neon, staff said if they see someone who’s dancing really cool then they wanna serve them or are more likely to notice them in the crowd at the bar.

Cool dancing in Neon? Generally you only see monstrosities there on a Friday night.


Making yourself noticeable is the key in Kelsey’s.

Eleanor who works there said: “Wear good fancy dress, such as being a Power Ranger or a sperm. Someone once brought a life-size cardboard cut-out of the queen into a pub I worked at, propped her up against the bar and asked if she could get a pint. That’s what you should do.”

“Buy me a drink. Introduce yourself and buy me a minimum of four tequilas. I will be more eager to serve you, but may also be slower. A double-edged sword.”

Worst thing you can do to get served fast according to Eleanor is “Tell everyone how you’ve always wanted to work behind a bar and do we have any jobs going.” They do, but not for you.