Where’s better in Leamington: North or south?

You can only live in one

In the first year of uni, living on campus is great – getting up at 8:55am for a 9am lecture, no agonising bus journeys home, and nights in the Copper Rooms which don’t end with a cramped, sweaty bus ride back to Leamington.

Then it comes to second year. Basically, you’re either living in Leamington or Coventry, unless you’re one of those rare enigmas who decide to live in Kenilworth. Most second years choose Leamington because let’s be honest, it’s definitely the nicest option going. However, it’s not just that simple – there’s then the agonising decision between North and South Leamington.

We put some of Leamington’s best student go-to’s in the north and south to the test.

Neon vs. Smack

Smack, the scene of many a pull

If your night out in Leamington isn’t wild then you’re definitely doing something wrong, but if you live in South Leamington the walk home after a night out is an absolute killer, especially if you’re super drunk and have to stumble all the way.

If you live in North Leamington, then you’re way closer to both Neon and Smack and the walk home is an easy five minutes. Deciding to spend your Friday night at Neon can save you a long walk home, and save you the sweaty, humid downstairs of Smack.


Yet, Smack is pretty much always where it’s all at, but the walk to Smack from the south can often kill the buzz after pres. Decisions, decisions…

Vialli’s vs. Leamington Fish Bar


If you live in the south then the walk home isn’t all that bad because one of the best drunk food places is on the way – Vialli’s. Who wouldn’t want to live in the south just for Vialli’s 10 chicken nuggets, chips and mayo after a night out at Smack or Neon?


If you live in the North you have a choice. You can either wander down to Vialli’s after Smack (because it’s definitely worth the walk) or you can go to Leamington Fish Bar just outside Smack. Realistically Vialli’s is definitely the go-to. The south is clawing its way back.

Convenience stores vs. Tesco


Ran out of milk? Don’t have any bread left? Not a problem when you live in the south as you won’t have far to go. There’s a convenience store on pretty much every corner.

8If you live in the north there’s really only one go-to shop and that’s Tesco – and sadly, Tesco is definitely not somewhere you can venture to for bread in just sweats or PJs. The south triumphs again.

Kelsey’s vs. Duke


Everyone fancies a few casual drinks now and again, whether it stays casual or not is a whole different matter. The south has Kelsey’s, the north has Duke.

2Quality wise, the Duke is definitely the better option. It’s the more upmarket version of the two, and it’s pretty fair to say if you live in the north, Duke is the one for you – Kelsey’s is a clear anti-climax no matter where you live. If you live in the South, you’ll just have to put up with Kelsey’s I’m afraid.

What residents think

Sophie Moffat, a second year, Hispanic studies and German student said: “I live in North Leamington. I prefer living here because I’m closer to more amenities like good restaurants, shops, bars and obviously Smack.”

Jamie Wates, second year, German and International Studies student said: “I live in North Leamington but would prefer South because of the buses and also there are more convenience stores in the South. It seems Tesco is the only place to get food in the whole of the North and I live 15 minutes away from Tesco.”