Warwick beats Exeter to a place in top 20 UK universities

You didn’t reject us Exeter, we rejected YOU

Warwick has been ranked in the top 20 UK universities in the latest global rankings, beating our dearest rivals Exeter.

The rankings, published by US News, name Warwick as the 19th best university in the UK and award it a score of 60.5 out of 100.

This is three places better than rivals Exeter who finished 22nd and miles ahead of Holloway and those other losers.

US News say their rankings allow students from all over the world to compare universities outside of their homeland. Warwick ranked 171st in the world, level with the Technical University of Denmark.

Campus 5

A picture of success

The highest weighted criteria for the rankings were regional and global research reputations over the last five years, both of which Warwick scored particularly highly in.

This adds to the accumulation of impressive rankings Warwick has obtained over the last few years, from being the Times’ University of the Year to winning recognition for its excellent research in both Arts and Science areas.

We did however, still lose to Durham. Ah well, everyone knows rankings are bullshit anyway.