Accommodation staff donate leftover duvets to Syrian refugees

Your cleaners in halls are even lovelier than you knew

Thoughtful accommodation staff have teamed up with a charity to donate 2,000 duvets to Syrian refugees.

Every year around 6,000 duvets are left behind by students, and Warwick’s accommodation staff decided to make full use of the bedding by donating it to refugees.

The staff contacted the international aid charity Caravan of Mercy, who are running a scheme to supply Syrian refugees with blankets ahead of winter.

Did you leave your duvet behind when you moved out last term?

Did you leave your duvet behind when you moved out last term?

The duvets were sent via the charity earlier this week. Warwick’s assistant accommodation manager saw it as a no-brainer. He said:

“We have thousands of duvets which are simply left behind every year so we thought it would be a good idea to make good use of them. We’ve been collecting them for many years now it seems such a waste to just throw them away.

“The current situation with Syrian refugees is all over the news at the minute so we wanted to try and give a lot of stuff to Caravan of Mercy rather than just throwing it away. It’s nice to be able to turn waste into good use.”

The Caravan of Mercy project coordinator is delighted with Warwick’s efforts. He said: “For many years we have been providing aid to families in Syria and we now aim to assist the refugees too. We’ve been going for around three-and-a-half years by providing food for refugees, milk powder for babies and, now in the winter months, blankets.

“This kind of generosity is really important and will help people who are in real need of a helping hand.”

The university appears to be in a very benevolent spirit at the moment, as this announcement follows the news 20 scholarships will be offered to Syrian refugees.