BNOC of the Year: Round 2

You wish you could be them

It’s time for another batch of local celebrities revered around campus. They have never sat alone on a U1 bus journey and will never know what it is like to be lonely.

Who are they and who is the biggest BNOC?

Cecilia Rose Jastrzembska

cecilia 2

Dress down Thursdays

It’s highly likely that you have seen Cecilia walking round campus. Proclaimed as the most glamorous girl on campus, Cecilia stands out among the drab dressers of Warwick. She never leaves her house without first donning her finest garments or six inch heels which draw regular compliments from the normal folk she meets as she travels.

If her elegance isn’t enough to spark your memory into life then you may have encountered her on the sports field. Far from being known for clothes alone, Cecilia in fact plays an array of sports on and off campus including dodgeball, karate, squash, table tennis, skiing, polo and surfing.

If you don’t know Cecilia you have to question what you actually do know.

Stephanie Mackenzie-Denman


Dose clothes do

Described as one part of Warwick’s answer to Made in Chelsea, Stephanie is seen at Smack every Thursday without fail. The consensus from people who have seen her is that she looks snazzy enough to have been taken straight out of one of central London’s clubs.

If you don’t Stephanie jazzed up in Smack, then chances are you might have seen her wearing more toned down designer gear studying in the learning grid, or library fourth floor.

Remember the face, or perhaps you’ve never forgotten.

Simi Savjani


You know Simi

It has been said of Simi that she knows literally everyone at Warwick and most people beyond. If she isn’t bumping into her entire course on a leisurely stroll to pick up her post from the post room then you’ll probably find her befriending an entire department store. The girl is on first name terms with all the staff in Leamington’s boots and likely, it seems, with anyone who frequents her home from home, Smack, where you’ll find her on potentially any night.

Perhaps the BNOC amongst all BNOCs Simi stakes her claim to the throne as she is in at least 3 different BNOC whatsapp chats.

Simi is synonymous with fame.

Warwick Geese

geese warwick

u wot m8

Warwick’s resident badbois. They’ve been tearing shit up since 2k10. If they’re not attacking international students the racist birds can be found patrolling the lake bank while their little shit babies sit smugly behind.

Not content with restricting their presence to the lakes and streets, recently the geese invaded our very own study space as they nested in the humanities building quad.

They’ve never attended a lecture and spit at seminars, and they may not fall under the ‘human’ bracket, yet they have certainly made their mark on campus.