We pulled your earphones out when you weren’t looking in the library

This one’s for the hustlers

The sociologist across from you looking pensive under a pair of ill-fitting earmuffs.

The politics student two rows over, oblivious to the sound escaping her headphones in a wince-inducingly loud percussive hiss.

The chemist in the corner bowing under the weight of his Beats by Dre noise cannons.

What could be keeping their sanity during exam season by massaging the stress out of those furrowed brows?

We went up to them and pulled their headphones out when they least expected it.

Interstellar soundtrack


Josh Saffold-Geri, a second year English student, tried to tell us some interesting things about how Hans Zimmer composed this serene film score score when really he should have been working.

Illinois Blues

11225513_10153844284074488_1888954901_n (1)

Lewis Defrates, a third year History student, finds the music of Skip James keeps him in the zone when studying for his impending final exams.

Frank Ocean

11225674_10153844284049488_1664459519_n (1)

Chioma Harker, a second year philosophy student, is swimming deep in the Frank Ocean this exam season. And loving it.

Destiny’s Child

11225926_10153844284064488_1156521608_n (1)

Laura Wiley, a second year English student, is using on Bey & Co to keep from losing her breath at this stressful time.

Hip Hop


Theo Owusu-Nipah, a third year management student, keeps his spirits up with the Blind Elephants LP by Gemstones.

Ed Sheeran


Emily Self, a second year PAIS student, listens to Ed Sheeran in the library while attempting not to stress out. It does not seem to be working for her.

My mate winning at poker

11125227_10205493819319138_1408789692_n (1)

Will Slatter, a second year Philosophy student, has a mate who is really good at poker. He is playing a tournament online right now and absolutely killing it. Will thinks that this helps him study.

Sub Focus


Oli Lynch, a second year maths student, knows what’s what. Deep house and Dubstep is the secret to success this exam season, while also getting you in the mood for that end of term Kasbah madness.

90s Feminist Rap


Ash Doyle, a second year Sociology student, loves revisiting the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill while revising on the ground floor.

Songs that describe her appearance


Today, Bethany Meban is listening to Lady in Red. Also loving it.