Can everyone lay off the sexy new aubergine logo

Calm down, dear, it’s just art

You’ve probably seen the unbelievable amount of memes and attacks circulating with regard to the University’s new logo, just one part of the fresh new brand that is coming with our fiftieth anniversary. But what is all the fuss about?

Do you not think that, seeing as we are part of one of the best universities in the country, we should stand apart from the crowd a little bit? Our current logo is virtually interchangeable with any other Russell Group university, particularly Exeter. And who wants to be associated with Exeter?

warwick logoexeter logo

The new logo is far more modern than the old standardised uni logo. More variety of colours, shapes, and a change from the mind-numbingly common font brings Warwick into the limelight. Which is where we should be.

The logo is also aesthetically reflective of the campus renovation. Modern architecture should be reflected with a modern emblem.


Finally, to all you haters, I would say; a logo does not a good university make.

Do we not all have better things to be doing than judging our own university? The appearance of Warwick will not matter at all if we all fail our exams having spent hours devising insults about a perfectly innocuous logo rather than actually revising.

If the word aubergine doesn’t scream Warwick, what else does? It’s avant-garde, forward thinking, innovative. It’s modern art mate.