Our beloved Summer Party has been cancelled and replaced with standard ‘Grad Ball’

Apparently they don’t have enough fields

In an attempt to “scale back” the event, our cherished Summer Party has been cancelled to be replaced with a Grad Ball.

If there’s one thing we can redeem Warwick’s reputation of being boring with, its the Summer party: the only day where the campus’ situation amid millions of fields makes sense. But soz no.

The union cites the loss of fields behind University House to campus redevelopment works as a main reason they’re unable to run the Summer Party this year.

Alternative options were discussed, such as a plan to use land on the Cryfield side of campus, was also vetoed after it became clear the area falls under Warwickshire jurisdiction. The union said: “We don’t have a license to hold large-scale events here.”

Another option discussed for the end of term carnage was a street party in the Piazza, but this clashed with a World Music Concert taking place that day. All in all it seems like they had a bit of a ball ache.

The union sadly finished: “Our hands were tied in this instance by lack of space available to us.”

None of this.

None of this.

The Grad Ball will be “substantially cheaper” just maybe not as unique. The SU described it as a “formal send-off” with “dinner, dancing, entertainment and wine on the tables”. But don’t worry, it’s open to all years.

History third year Victoria Botella still bemoaned the loss of her precious Summer Party. She said: “I’m going to cry into my flower crown.”

No more flowers.

No more flowers.

English second year Alick McCallum was equally saddened.

He said: “My hair is flat, my heart is flat. I’m gutted”.

No more of this hair (Thank you Grad Ball)

No more of this hair (Thank you Grad Ball)

The Grad Ball will be on the 16th June and tickets will be £49. They are available from today onwards.

Other events include the Societies Awards on the 20th June and the Sports Ball on the 23rd June. The Sports Ball tickets will be staggered and made available to execs on the 23rd April, and non-execs on the 27th.

You can buy all tickets here (if you want to).