Saint Bar Refused Early Hour Opening Extension

Student hotspot Saint Bar has been refused a license to stay open until 6am.

The street bar is currently licensed to serve alcohol and be open until 1am from Monday-Wednesday and 2am from Thursday-Saturday. Its application to extend these hours until 6am were rejected by Warwick District Council.

As the home of Blackout Tuesdays, LeDice and No Saints Saturdays, Saint’s is a popular night out for those who can flash some cash and bag themselves a table (and even some Belvedere for the true ballers), but their shorter opening hours render them unable to compete with Neon and Smack. Students regularly complain about being turfed out of Saints at 2 or even 1 in the morning, when in other establishments another couple of hours of drinking, dancing and sharking would be guaranteed.


Better drink up quickly, Saint’s short but sweet hours won’t be extended any time soon.

Sergeant Paul Calver of Warwickshire Police is one of many who objected to the application, stating that “The location and venue have been demonstrated as hotspot and high incident locations, and as such any increase in hours would add to that risk.”

“The venue already has numerous conditions on it to promote the prevention of crime and disorder and there are no further conditions that could be considered at this time to reduce that risk.”

Residents and council health officer raised further concerns about disrupting locals and an increase in noise disturbance from the bar attendees both entering and leaving Saint’s. Who knew us Warwick students were so rowdy.

So make sure you down your Jagerbombs sharpish and seal the deal with that Warwick 6 you’ve had your eye on: it’s not going to be a late one…