Fowl play: Killer geese run riot at Lakeside

If you see this lot swanning around, run for your life!

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A pair of militant geese are running amok in student accommodation, knocking down pedestrians and holding up traffic.

The Canada Geese set up shop at Lakeside halls last Saturday and rapidly set about getting stuck into residents who were out for a gander.

Duck and dive… Goose welcomes walker to Kickassville

Students seem pretty quacked off with the bully birds. ZhiSheng Chow, who photographed the lairy birds, said: “They’re fantastic sources of entertainment but they’re scary.

“They started to choose a nesting location last Saturday, and attacks got progressively worse Sunday. Somehow they mellowed out and only attack when people are really close now.

“I call them “The Geese”. In capitals. Ha.”

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In a flap… She’s like ‘ohfuckohfuckohfuck’