Strip Club Smashed

Leamington strip club destroyed in attack.

SOUTH Leamington’s strip club Amara has been destroyed in an anonymous attack.

  • Damage costs run into ‘tens of thousands’
  • Speakers, seats and toilets ‘smashed up’
  • Following attack venue announce ‘relocation’

An unknown attack has left popular south Leamington strip club Amara decimated.

Smashed sound systems, seating and toilets are among some examples of the damage with costs running into ‘tens of thousands’.

The attack took place between the early hours of Sunday morning (April 1st) and Tuesday morning (April 3rd)

On Wednesday (April 4th) morning the venue announced it would be ‘relocating’ from it’s Court Street site.  Owner Jay Amara pledged on his Facebook page ”[A] Bigger and better venue!! If you thought it look good b4 you watch what it looks like this time round” [sic].

The premises, although not owned by the club, cost the owners an estimated £250,000 pounds to refurbish.

Originally established in 2010 as an exclusive nightclub to challenge the mainstays of Evolve and Smack, poor attendance lead the club owners to apply and be granted a controversial sex license last year, allowing pole and lap dances every night of the week.

An apparently unaware club manager told The Leamington Observer:

“I was just expecting to come back in for my next shift but now I guess I don’t have a job to come back to. We took a delivery on Friday but now all that stock’s been taken as well.

“I helped to build some of the things in here and I’m absolutely gutted anyone could destroy it like this.

“The culprits have even gone so far as to take the toilet rolls – whoever did this must have been completely desperate.”

A police investigation is currently underway.

Photos courtesy of The Leamington Observer.