Thayyab Ahmed

Boared to Death: Newspaper Kills Motion

Student intimidated into dropping motion for all students meeting.

Clucking Hell! Nando’s comes to Leamington…

Nando’s to open Leamington Branch

Strip Club Smashed

Leamington strip club destroyed in attack.

Thrifty’s Staff Stage Strike!

Tutors agree to stage a day’s strike in protest against Vice-Chancellor’s wage increase.

Recession Hits Retailers in Leam

Empty shop fronts scatter Spa town…

Racist Refurb

Popular Leamington bar refurb causes mass outrage.


In his last bow, Sir Bernard summarises election week…

A celebration of Varsity

James debates whether Warwick’s varisty behaviour is really acceptable.

Saturday’s Supermen

The Tab takes a look at 6 game changing players for Saturday’s Varsity finale.

Whither Woxbridge?

Global league table of unis is released, but why isn’t our name in there?

Revealed: The man behind the Swain sexism video

Former SU officer makes sweary confession to The Tab

Copper Rooms Chaos

SU Election Results party marred by mass brawl.

Election Results Revealed

First Team Hero Ready ‘to kill’

Sidelined 1st XV prop hopes for epic varsity return.

Warwick Shakes

Hundreds of students turn out for piazza harlem shake…

Beardy’s Brother Speaks Out

Costcutter worker recovering from gas explosion


The Tab checks out Leamington’s vintage gem.

5 reasons why Westwood beats Central Campus

Many students living on central campus mock Westwood residents. The Tab says otherwise…

Sick night out

Youtube video spreads light on hygiene problem in Leamington nightclub.

Bacardi’s Back

The Tab examines the results of the ‘All-Student Meeting’

Warwick women fed false hope

The Boat Club’s naked calendar is a deliciously steamy affair, but is it aimed at the ladies?