Sick night out

Youtube video spreads light on hygiene problem in Leamington nightclub.


Smack is the number one destination on Tuesday nights for Warwick students.

Who doesn’t like getting wasted on £1 Vodka Red Bulls and getting the traditional ‘this is not a photo opportunity’ snap?

Opinions range from “best club in Leamington”to ‘If you’re not a pilled-up 16year old carring a stanley knife in ur pocket this isn’t the place for you.’ [sic]

A familiar sight

In a drunken haze little attention is paid to the small details: the smell, the sweat, the dirt.

A youtube video sheds new light (scroll down for video); smack is in fact filthy. It shows a storage room with dirty ice, mould covered cooling systems and a garbage collection pit, host to what looks like a variety of slime and fungal growth.

What else is in your vodbull?

Hunting ground

Aside from hygiene Smack’s other major problem is its aggressive and at times homophobic bouncers.

Among some of the quotes the Tab has obtained:

“… they didn’t let me in for the reason that I spent too long looking for my ID.”

“I now have a swollen jaw and it is incredibly painful for being ‘smack’ed” after getting into a brawl with one of the charming gentlemen on top after being called a “f****** gay”.

Which floor tile are you?

One student, who claimed to have been assaulted after ejection, stated how he had got into contact with the club who said they would investigate, months on he has had no reply.

Along with rumours of a blowjob in exchange for queue jump and entry Smack’s reputation is not helping itself.

What is happening to the all time favourite of students in the spa town? Is it time for Steve Smith, the founder of Smack, to rethink his strategies before Altoria, Saints and others take Smack’s almost dead limelight?

I love Smack on Tuesday, not anymore…