The Tab checks out Leamington’s vintage gem.

Located on the railway arches (just behind the railway bridge) the Loot store is surprisingly big for a vintage shop.

Stocking a wide array of retro jackets, vintage jumpers, leather jackets and ironic tees Loot’s a hit with us.

Spot the conformist

Imagine Urban Outfitters, minus the scrabbling 13 year old’s or ridiculous prices and shopping safe in the knowledge that you won’t see anyone else wearing what you buy.

Everything is genuine vintage, stocked from the US and Europe,  the owners aren’t trying to cheat us though – I didn’t see one thing priced over £25.

T shirts start from £3, jumpers and shirts can be picked up for a fiver, leathers for as little as £20…

Vintage galore

On top of this students get 10% off.

That being said the big let-down are the people in the shop. The staff are friendly but that was really nothing compared to the glares we got off regular customers sauntering around in their brogues. Never have I felt so self-conscious wearing branded clothing.

Local hipsters fighting over vintage items

My verdict: take some friends and if you don’t mind being pushed around by hipsters this is definitely a hidden gem! I certainly look forward to never having to shell out £160 for a vintage dress on the high street ever again.

Open 7 days a week, Loot is located at Railway Arch no. 3, Clemens Street.

Shop online here.