Beardy’s Brother Speaks Out

Costcutter worker recovering from gas explosion

costcutter costcutter explosion leamington

Costcutter Leamington, the beating heart of the South Leamington student community, was yesterday rocked by two devastating explosions at 6:30pm.

2nd Year Politics student, Ruan Tremayne, who lives inside the blast radius, told the Tab, ‘I was resting in my student house when my Warhammer collection was crushed by falling debris’.

Scene of the catastrophe

Emergency services were at full stretch, with two fire engines and an ambulance crew scrambled to the scene.

A blistering inferno was said to have broken out behind the counter after lighter gas canisters were left against a heating unit until detonation. As courageous as they were clumsy, the staff dodged burning shrapnel when extinguishing the flames.

A device like this is thought to be the cause of the explosion

The till worker was said to have been singed by flames.

An exclusive Tab interview with Bobby Toor, brother of the injured hero, revealed that ‘he stayed overnight at Warwick Hospital after suffering facial burns’.

‘He is taking a few days off to recover [from the ordeal]’

Rumours of a burnt-off beard are false, according to Mr Toor his brother never had one.

The seven students living above the shop likened their terror to that of bees being smoked out of a hive when clouds of noxious gas were funneled into their home.

This latest student housing scandal piles further pressure on an already fatigued Student Union Welfare Officer, Ben Sundell, who is still struggling with the backlash against the ‘Man vs Booze’ slave auction stunt.

Scenes no student wanted to see repeated

The shop was shut for two hours fueling anxiety that it would not reopen this morning. With hysteria coursing through the South Leamington student population, some feared bread riots on a scale not seen since Egypt ‘77.

Hundreds of well wishers turned out in a show of solidarity for Mr Toor

However staff battled through the night to ensure ravenous students were not this morning left at the mercy of Bread Oven prices.

A candle lit vigil took place last night at All Saints Church in support of Mr Toor’s heroic work in averting the loss of both further stock and lives.

Follow Mr Toor’s recovery on Twitter with the hashtag #Pray4Toor