Revealed: The man behind the Swain sexism video

Former SU officer makes sweary confession to The Tab


David perpetrator or Justin Hawkins from the Darkness?

The video of disgraced SU President Nick Swain unhooking a girl’s bra was uploaded by an English graduate named David Reed, The Tab can reveal.

In a bizarre email meltdown laden with angry expletives, Reed:

CONFESSED to editing a video of Ski Tour 2011 to extract the scene and upload it to YouTube.

• ACCUSED The Tab of sending the story to the Daily Mail, which did not happen.

SCREAMED ‘Fuck you’ at our reporters for breaking the story he wanted.

Reed’s unsolicited email said: “It was me that edited the video. If you want your story, there you go. The video had no alternative agenda than to get someone to apologise for being sexist.

Using language almost too explicit for a family newspaper, he added: “Fuck you for running the story in the way that you did, for feeding it to the Daily Mail, and for having no interest in the damage you were going to cause. Fuck you for trying to make a male victim out of this story, and a female perpetrator.”

The Tab had no contact with the Daily Mail or any other newspaper over this story.

Nick Swain was branded a misogynist after the video emerged

Referring to your beloved editors as “scum bags at The Tab”, Reed concluded: “Go to hell you motherfuckers.”

The Tab understands Reed – a former SU Campaigns Coordinator who left Warwick last summer – acted to defend Sarah Clarke, a current Warwick student who circulated the video.

Clarke cites her reasons on her blog as to bring to the fore sexist culture within the SU. She describes herself as a staunch feminist.

Clarke and Reed’s seemingly noble reasons for releasing the clip have caused Swain to describe the past fortnight as “the hardest two weeks of my life” in a Facebook status which attracted over 1000 likes.

He was toppled as SU President last week, with the video believed to have played a major part.

The clip, uploaded two weeks ago under the username ‘Nick Swain’ sees the SU chief cheering and undoing a girl’s bra while her friend tries to stop him.

It became an international story after the clip was picked up by the British press, and appeared on Greek news websites.