Boared to Death: Newspaper Kills Motion

Student intimidated into dropping motion for all students meeting.

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Boar editorial members bullied a student into dropping a motion that would see them booted out their office and lose their war chest of funding.

Engineering student Sam Tracy was forced to drop a proposed motion for the recent All Student Meeting (ASM) after a torrent of abuse from the SU’s media outlets.

Tracy’s proposed motion aimed to cut The Boar’s disproportionate influence and funding. It received well over the 100 required signatures and was cleared by the ‘Steering committee’ and the SU CEO.

When they heard about the motion, Boar apparatchiks whipped up a climate of fear over the motion, misleading the execs of the other media outlets such as RaW and WTV into thinking their societies would be affected.

Pressure was applied to Tracy forcing him to withdraw his motion.



In a written response Tracy told The Tab: “It was ridiculous, I received a barrage of phone calls from people accusing me of trying to shut their societies down, I don’t think any of them had actually even read it.

“They told me it was against SU rules and all sorts of similar lies but that’s what steering is there to find out, and they were fine with it. In the end it just didn’t seem worthwhile to push on when I was being personally attacked.

The Boar (in case you've never picked up a copy)

The Boar (in case you’ve never picked up a copy)

“Imagine if the UK had one official printed newspaper, heavily in debt to the government and whose offices were actually situated in Number 10, that’s basically what we have here at Warwick on a much smaller scale, the situation I was trying to fix.

“When I was collecting signatures I started the conversation with “Do you read the Boar?”, to which the answer was predominantly “no”. One fresher told me it was great that the SU has a mouthpiece in the form of a newspaper, the problem is that he’s exactly right: that’s what it really is.

“I’m not exactly a huge fan of the Tab, in fact the Assistant Editor of Tab Media Ltd once called me a ‘joyless toad’ on Twitter, but I think anyone should be able to set up a newspaper here at Warwick and compete on a level playing field, that is simply not the case at the moment.”

The Boar did not reply to our requests for comment.

Naturally, The Tab would welcome the chance to share The Boar’s office – they might even learn something….