5 reasons why Westwood beats Central Campus

Many students living on central campus mock Westwood residents. The Tab says otherwise…


Westwood is a campus all of its own. If you’re looking for peace and quiet then it’s not hard to find. The flipside is that you’re a long way from anywhere that matters. The rules tend to be more relaxed and you can probably get away with a lot more.

The big W is home to much country wildlife such as rabbits, magpies, crows and squirrels. If you’re lucky you may glimpse a MORSE student emerging from a burrow to scour the industrial bins for scraps.

Westwood is close to the Sports Fields. This makes grabbing a bit of eye candy a lot easier – for example, when other, more attractive, universities visit.

It’s near to University House with its wonderful Learning Grid. Pulling an all-nighter? The 3am motivational shower is a luxury bonus and only five minutes away.


Each block in Westwood has its own washing machine and dryer. They have been known to function weeks on end without breaking down.

Common rooms are also provided.  Fancy throwing a party? Not a problem. What could be more fun than getting pissed in a soulless replica of your grandparents’ living room circa 1960?

Residents at Westwood enjoy the biggest rooms on campus. That’s at least two extra square metres in which to contemplate your miserable, decentralised existence.

Shuttle bus

There is a shuttle bus which runs students to and from central campus after dark. Westwood is the last stop, so enjoy your twenty minute night-time tour of the University. Lakeside is divine in the moonlight eight purples down from the back of a minibus.

Community feel

There are 18 students on the ground floor and 26 on the first and second floor of each block in Westwood. Every floor shares one kitchen, three showers and four toilets. Some of the lucky ones even get to share a room for the first four weeks. The high density of people mean that there is always something going on: whether it’s a pub trip at noon on a Tuesday or a game of “Will-it-panini?” at 3am on a Sunday.


Top of every student’s list of priorities should always be price. Living at Westwood is a mere £89 a week. Laugh at that Bluebell!

The Tab asked residents of Westwood what their favourite thing was about where they lived:

Matt Donald eloquently stated it was “Big rooms, bare bitches”.

Westwood resident Megan Stacey said, “The people seem quite friendly and nice. The feeling [at Westwood] is a lot more like a community as we’re on our own campus”.