Racist Refurb

Popular Leamington bar refurb causes mass outrage.

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POPULAR Leamington bar Moo has sparked outrage due heavily sexist, racist and violent wallpaper.

  • Refurbished wallpaper includes slave trade references.

  • Prostitution adverts with racially and sexually provactive language.

  • Over 1000 students sign petition in 24 hours.

Moo Bar, post-refurb

A recent refurbishment in Moo Bar has sparked outrage due to it’s choice of wallpaper.

The wallpaper shows blatantly sexist images of women – as well as horrifying fake ‘prostitution adverts’, carrying vile and often racist slogans such as “Busty Indian Schoolgirl”.

More shocking than this, one excerpt seems to glorifiy the slave trade with a slogan “Black runaway slave girl aged 18 yrs seeks plantation master”.


The bar hosts popular student nights every week, such as ‘Nana’s Palace’ and ‘Jacker’s Delight’, exposing hundreds of students to the offending material every week.

The bar has been branded ‘sexist, racist and violent’ by Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, who are running a petition against the wallpaper on Change.org. Over 1000 people have signed over the last 24 hours.

As the society points out ‘1 in 7 students will experience sexual assault while at university’, making the portrayal of women as sexually inferior a very sensitive issue.

Prostitution ‘adverts’

Furthermore, with such a cosmoplitan university and student population in Leamington Spa racist slogans, whether part of the ‘decor’ or not, are not acceptable.

What was Steve Smith, owner of Smack and Moo amongst other venues, thinking? His establishments seem to have a penchant for borderline offensive slogans with the infamous provacative tiles in Smack.

‘Infamous’ floor tiles, Smack.

This is the latest slip up in a long line, following hygiene issues in Smack and accusations of homophobic bouncers.

Moo have been contacted for comment but as of yet we have had no reply.

WASS are holding their weekly meeting tomorrow in MR6 at 6pm to debate this very issue. Sign the petition here.