Whither Woxbridge?

Global league table of unis is released, but why isn’t our name in there?

The global uni reputation rankings have been released this morning and there’s bad news Warwick: we don’t even feature.

Unfortunately for many-a deluded Warwick student, desperately struggling to accept their reject status, Warwick has been left out of the top 100. This despite the UK’s top employers flocking to campus to lap up our students.

The Times Higher Education Supplement’s global reputation’ rankings is a table of academics’ opinions of universities internationally, rather than the official world-ranking system. Think of it more as bragging rights among professors.

It wasn’t that long ago we were mentioned in the same breath as Oxbridge. Academics obviously think otherwise.

Coming in the same period as a Nigel Thrift pay rise and the first year of new tuition fee system we really must wonder where our money is going…

Cue outrage throughout campus and protests.

Why aren’t we in the top 100? Isn’t this what Thrift promised us?

It’s a sad, sad day Warwick, hang your head in shame and remember you didn’t want to go to Oxbridge anyway…

R.I.P Woxbridge, you will forever be cherished in our hearts.