Warwick women fed false hope

The Boat Club’s naked calendar is a deliciously steamy affair, but is it aimed at the ladies?

gay naked rowing rowing calendar warwick rowing

Again this year (academic, not calendar, of course) the men of Warwick’s Boat Club were involved in a lurid calendar that saw them exposing their masculinity for ‘notoriety’.

Their honed physiques were put into various exposing positions, with the boys crudely using items such as oars to conceal their masculinity.

Their short feature ‘Brokeback Mountain’ invoked a sense of homo-erotica that seems to be a favourite of young males in sports teams. The video showed them lathering each other with soap in an attempt to expose their bodies and gain attention from the females of Warwick.

Spot the cox

Having produced a calendar for the past four years they’re no strangers to public exposure.

But there are fears that the women of Warwick are being fed false hope of what really lies beneath the Lycra. False hope of six packs beneath every ‘uniform’ of a rower is a cruel ploy from the boat club men to entice women into their beds.

But maybe it’s not women they’re after…

Adrift at sea… men get lonely too

It begs the question perhaps this calendar would have been better off being marketed by Warwick pride.

Even though the calendar has sold vast amounts and raised money for a worthwhile charity the questions need to be asked: how many of them got laid as a result of the calendar? Is the boatclub a secret haven? And was that really soap or product placement by Durex?