Sussex Uni masters student has been selected for a safe council seat for 2023 local elections

The elections will be held in May of next year

Sussex university masters student, Tom Pashby, has been selected as Regency Ward’s Green Party candidate, for the May 2023 Brighton & Hove elections.

Pashby, who is non-binary, is currently studying their masters at the University of Sussex, and has been living in Brighton since 2019, after growing up in Hertfordshire.

Pashby has said “I’m pleased to have been selected as one of the Green party’s candidates for Regency for the 2023 local elections.

“I love Brighton & Hove and our vibrant communities, and will do all I can to support residents and local organisations. I’m particularly keen to work with local people on housing issues, and making walking and cycling more accessible and enjoyable.”

Pashby also tweeted out the news earlier today.

“I’m SUPER happy to have been selected as @TheGreenParty / @BHGreens’ candidate for Regency ward in Brighton for the 2023 local elections.

“it’s a two-seat ward, and I’m thrilled to have been selected alongside @KBouhassane” Pashby said.

Pashby will stand alongside candidate Kahina Bouhassane, who currently holds the position as the local party’s deputy chair.

The announcement comes after current Regency Ward Green councillors, Tom Druitt and Alex Phillips, said they will be standing down come next year’s elections.

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