An unofficial Brighton Pride parade is being organised for September 2020

The ‘unofficial’ event is set to take place between September 5 and 7

This years Pride in Brighton was set to mark its 30th anniversary, however, organisers had to cancel the event and postpone until 2021.

Despite this years event being called off, an unofficial Pride parade is being organised and is meant to be held between September 5 and 7 this year.

Brighton and Hove City Council have urged the events team of the unofficial Pride parade to contact the council’s events team and the police.

Councillor Carmen Appich, chairwoman of the tourism, equalities, communities and culture committee, told The Argus: “Brighton Pride is an event that showcases our city positively across the world, boosts our local economy and raises funds for local LGBTQ charities.”

Appich told The Argus that the council have “not been approached by the unofficial Brighton Pride parade.” But that the council is currently “working with Brighton Pride organisers on the next event being planned for August 2021. It’s a huge operation that involved many months of planning and co-operation from partners across the city.”

The parade is being organised by ‘Unofficial Brighton Pride’, who stated: “If the council deny our Pride march we will have our own demonstration. A peaceful protest, respecting social distance and Government guidelines.” On the Facebook event details, the group made clear that the event is “a peaceful protest, respecting social distance and government guidelines.”

More information about the Unofficial Brighton Pride parade can be found here on their Facebook event.