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Caroline Lucas came to The University of Sussex

The MP for Brighton Pavilion spoke to students about Brexit, local issues and the upcoming election.

The Journalism society hosted an event for Green Party member and Brighton Pavilion candidate Caroline Lucas.

The event provided an opportunity for students to have their questions answered on various topics especially about the media's relation to politics.

The event was also chaired by a Sussex University professor in political journalism.

Lucas spoke about how the media has helped with the rise of the green party but there is a downside with the way in which some people utilise social media to spread hate without taking into consideration having an informed constructive debate.

In response to question regarding how the government can lessen the affects of climate change Lucas responded saying "there is so much we can do domestically. It feels to me that as the first country to industrialise we have a greater responsibility" She also added that "the policies of the next government as well as timing is really going to matter in how we tackle the issues related to climate change".

She also discussed the role of various British politicians and how they have affected politics throughout the years especially in the midst of Brexit.

One student from the University of Sussex also asked a question based on how the media's coverage of Brexit has overshadowed other issues that the country is facing, to which Caroline replied saying that she thinks "that Brexit has done a massive disservice to other issues and that in terms the focus of Brexit, as an issue, the main caveat is that if it does happen it is going to be harder to address those other issues".

Overall, the talk focused on giving students an insight into the world of the media and politics in the midst of Brexit. The talk provided a space for those interested to voice their thought, opinions and have an informed discussion on the topics at hand.