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The Sussex Spring look book

We’re making ‘Sussex Fashion Week’ a thing, okay?

With its vast and vibrant choice of vintage fashion retailers, and its status as one of the most creative cities in the UK, Brighton and its residents are well and truly on the map for quirky and imaginative fashion – and the students are by no means an exception!

With the sun setting up camp over campus, most of us optimistic Brighton hipsters are bravely beginning to don our spring wardrobe which, in many cases, unfortunately, just involves trackies for our date with assignments.

In celebration of Sussex style, we walked the runways of campus (on an annoyingly chilly day) in search of the funkiest fashion and style stories to discover a little more about how our diverse student community expresses itself through clothes.

From the waviest, most colourful garms to comfiest library chic, your spring looks and brilliant anecdotes did not disappoint. Here are our highlights from our self-designated ‘Sussex Fashion Week’ compiled into a handy look book for your pleasure and inspiration. Enjoy!

Antonio (Year 2 Drama, Theatre and Performance)

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“I quite like the 1950s James Dean, 'Rebel Without a Cause' style with my slight chain going on here. I also quite like appropriating 70s disco style with full disco embellished double denim. So, basically, queer vintage style is what I’m going for!”

Ella (Year 1 Media Production)

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“I go for a ‘sad girl chic’. Basically the whole of my outfit is from Monki but I’m pretty sure I stole this top off of one of my housemates. I liked it and it hasn’t been claimed so it’s mine now!”

Georgie (Year 3 Zoology)

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“I like bright primary colours and I always like to stay comfy. I wear a lot of jewellery and I got these earrings from my housemate’s sister who gave me a load of free samples.”

Us students are clearly very resourceful with our housemates!

Lia (Year 1 Electrical Engineering)

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“I’m always looking for cheap stuff that still looks a bit expensive! I just wear comfortable clothes, mostly from Pull&Bear.”

Heather (Year 2 American Studies)

“I got these chef trousers off eBay when I saw skateboarders at The Level wearing them. They’re so comfortable! My jacket was my Dad’s from the 80s and I love bright 80s and 90s vibes. I buy all my clothes ethically and try not to buy fast fashion.”

Stylish and sustainable, that’s the Sussex way.

Toby (Year 3 Biomedical Science)

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“I’m just wearing jeans trainers and a jumper today, not very fashionable but I like brands like North Face. I wear a lot of joggers to stay comfortable and be student chic!”

Practicality has gotta come first sometimes.

Von-Luc (Year 3 Biochemistry)

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“I like to be stylish but I have my days where I’m just chilling and don’t care as much. I like to be flamboyant and explore different patterns paired with fresh whites. Being in Brighton, you wanna be a little hipster!”

Arjun (Year 2 English and History)

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“My jacket is very dear to my heart and has patches all over of the bands that I like. I found this hoodie somewhere and my shoes are the fourth pair I’ve got through but they’ve got holes in the bottom so might be time for the fifth soon!”

Repping your music taste on your outfit is a perfect way to get conversation flowing with like-minded students.

Jacob (Arts and Humantities Foundation Year)

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“I got this jacket from eBay and I wear it all the time. I bought my t-shirt at a festival and my jeans in Amsterdam. I buy a lot of second hand clothes because it saves me money.”

Clothes make great souvenirs- wear your adventures!

Misty (Year 2 Art History with Italian)

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“I like wearing hand-me-downs and having bit of history behind my clothes. This is actually a footballer’s t-shirt that my godmother stole! I love everything animal print and who doesn't love a bit of glitter?”

Yumi (Year 1 Business and Management)

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“I wear a lot of individual Chinese designers. I’m not really a fan of luxury brands, I’d prefer to have something individual and special. I made my earrings myself out of an iPhone sim card key, so it’s extra convenient.”

We love a bit of functional fashion!

Ramisha (Year 3 Biochemistry)

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“My style has definitely evolved since coming to Brighton, I definitely wear a lot more colour. Fashion feels really free here because everyone is so open-minded and chill about everything. My friends make fun of my yellow coat and how they use it to spot me in a crowd. It’s kind of my signature piece!”

James (left) and Sasha (right) – Business Foundation Year

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James: “My style is quite colourful. I wear a lot of pastels and never really any black.”

Sasha: “I used to wear all black but I’ve branched out and I like it a lot. I like wearing stuff that no one else has from Depop or from Instagram fashion designers with small accounts that sell unique pieces.”

Omar (Year 3 Biomedical Science)

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“Sometimes I feel more formal and sometimes more out there when I go looking for clothes. My comfort zone in black, grey, brown but sometimes I go for a good yellow or red. I have a flash of Egyptian flag colours today, big up Egypt!”

Seeing all our different cultures represented through clothes is what we love most about Sussex style.

Moniba (Year 3 Biomedical Science)

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“What I decide to wear plays a big part in my day. The first thing people see about you is what you’re wearing, so in a sense you’re already giving people an idea of who you are before you even open your mouth. It’s important to have a good first impression that represents YOU.”

Photographer: Ella Edwards