The eight essential apps that every student in Brighton needs

These apps will save your life

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B&H Buses

While seemingly obvious, this "essential" guide would not be complete without the inclusion of the Brighton and Hove bus app.

Gone are the days when we had to fumble around in our pockets for the exact change or a crumpled bus ticket. This app keeps your transport needs in one place on your phone and lets be honest, we'd be lost without it.


The beloved Unidays continues to save us money from Pizza Express to New Look – simply for being students.

Of course it would be cheaper to not eat out all time and perhaps not spend our entire student loans on one Topshop splurge but realistically that isn't going to happen. So why not grab a discount?

Some of the best discounts right now include 20 per cent off at Urban Outfitters, up to 40 per cent off at Zizzi and 25 per cent off at The Body Shop.

Microsoft Word

While it is more ideal to use Microsoft on a PC, the mobile app allows you to make quick changes or add ideas while on the go.

Especially useful with Office 365, the app allows you to access anything you have been working on and is actually very easy to use.

Plant Jammer

This app has been my best discovery since starting uni.

Unless you are extremely organised and have your life together (congrats), you know the feeling of having a fridge full of completely random objects that seemingly will never make a whole meal and you will inevitably have to throw out. Plant Jammer will change this.

Gone are the days of waste. All you have to do is enter every ingredient in your fridge and cupboard and Plant Jammer will give you a variety of recipes to choose from including a combination of your left over foods. Amazing!

Just Eat

The beauty of Just Eat is that so many of the restaurants on there deliver late at night.

So, when it hits 3am and you are craving that kebab that you turned down earlier in the night, Just Eat will help you out.

Even in the more regular hours of the day Just Eat offers such a variety of foods at a very reasonable price in comparison to the more well known food chains.


Are you easily distracted? Does the mundane task of scrolling through Instagram suddenly become uncontrollably exciting when you have an essay to write? Then Forest is the app for you.

Forest allow you to set a timer in which you are not allowed to touch your phone, and for every minute you are able to achieve coins are added to your account which eventually add up to a tree being planted.

You are able to actually complete an essay in a reasonable period of time and help the environment – what's not to love?

Gym Diary

If you're one of those people who actually value their health and fitness then this app is really useful!

Suitable for both gym users and those who prefer to sweat it out in their own space at home, the app generates workouts for you whether you have gym equipment or not.

You can even just download it in preparation for your "get fit" New Years resolution.

Brighton App

The Brighton App is perfect for making the most of the wonderful city we live in. The app is easy to navigate and includes so many options from food and drinks to transport and travel.

Why not be a tourist for the day and explore all that Brighton has to offer?