Student bus ticket prices to rise from January 16

80 per cent of all bus fares will be increasing in the next few months


Students will be hit by the newly proposed fare hike by Brighton and Hove Buses. It has been stated that the reasons for these changes were to do with congestion in the city.

Speaking to The Argus,  Managing director Martin Harris said: “Our costs rose significantly during this period because of an increase in congestion in the city which meant we had to run more buses and employ more drivers just to maintain the same level of service. Sadly, it’s meant we’ve had to put up some prices.

“We’ve also brought forward the changes to earlier in the year deliberately in order to reduce the scale of price rises.”

For students, one day savers and seven-day savers are the fares that have been affected. The student one-day Citysaver will go up from £3 to £3.20 and the seven-day Citysaver will go up from £13 to £13.50.

Regular tickets are also affected. The city centrefare ticket will be going up from £2 to £2.10, the 60 Minute ticket from £2.40 to £2.60 and the one-day city Saver will increase from £4.20 to £4.40.

In addition, a 28-day network Saver will increase from £77 to £81, the 90-day network saver will go up from £205 to £215 and the 12-month network saver will increase from £635 to £665.

Director Martin Harris has also stated that Brighton and Hove Buses will introduce two and three-day savers for students.

Matthew, a second-year Chemistry student at Sussex, told us:

“I don’t really like this at all. Students are pretty much stuck with getting the bus each day into uni and there isn’t a way around it. Buses are our only way of getting around Brighton and if we accept these fare increases then by the time I’m in third year the fares might go up again and going into university will become a drain on my money. ”

Sussex Students’ Union president, Frida Gustafsson, pledged in her manifesto to campaign for cheaper bus fares and the introduction of the lemon bus service to campus. We have reached out for comment.